Fabrique Nationale FN-FAL Springfield Armory SAR-48 FN


Fabrique Nationale FN-FAL Springfield Armory SAR-48 FN

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Fabrique Nationale FN-FAL Springfield Armory SAR-48 FN

Designed by Fabrique Nationale and designated as “Light Automatic Right” (French: Fusil Automatique Léger), the FN-FAL has been marketed world-wide and was adopted by NATO forces in the cold war era with great satisfaction and success. This particular specimen utilizes a high quality forged receiver and was originally manufactured under license from FN by Indústria de Material Bélico do Brasil (IMBEL),at Itajubá in the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil as a match grade Semi-Automatic FAL for the American market. This was under contract for Springfield armory and designated as the model SAR-48 (Semi Automatic Rifle). Subsequent to the guns arrival to the United States, it was converted and registered as a machine gun by Springfield Armory. Right side of receiver marked, “Springfield Armory, Geneseo, IL with magazine well marked with crossed cannons Springfield Armory logo and “1005-SA-48-MATCH”. Left side of receiver marked “SAR-48” “7.62 mm” with serial number. Accessories include one 20 round magazine, one 30 round magazine and a gunner’s tool kit in tin box with brush and pull-through, and a black web sling. CONDITION: Overall appearance and finish is extremely fine dark black enamel finish and blue on all metal parts with a small area of finish loss to the rear of the ejection port. The composite handguard and buttstock show some light handling marks. Bore is near excellent, shiny and bright. Bolt is near excellent. Mechanics are crisp. The FAL rifle saw widespread military use in over 90 countries for over 3 decades. It is a highly effective full-power .308 battle rifle and is a top quality rifle caliber machine gun of the highest order of reliability. and would make a fine addition to any machine gun collection. THIS IS A NATIONAL FIREARMS ACT ITEM AND REQUIRES BATF APPROVAL PRIOR TO TRANSFER. THIS ITEM IS FULLY TRANSFERABLE ON AN ATF FORM 3 OR 4.

2 magazine and cleaing kit

Barrel Length; 22 – 1/2″


FFL Status;NFA

Manufacturer;Springfield Armory



Serial Number;SA1591